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What Our Tech Ethics Crisis Says About the State of Computer Science Education
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Related topics What happens when a machine faces a moral dilemma? David Edmonds investigates. Chris Vallance explores the long-term results of the hacking of climate scientists' emails. Can science offer us a realistic prospect of immortality and would it be desirable?

Exploring the Ethics of Emerging Science

Dr Mark Lythgoe investigates the science of erasing memories. Aleks Krotoksi explores whether we can embed ethics into our technologies. Aleks Krotoski looks at whether we have all become techno-fundamentalists.

Towards Data Science

Surgeon Gabriel Weston sees how medical technology has changed us. David Reid warns of the dangers of encoding unconscious bias into artificial intelligence.

Science and Technology Governance and Ethics | SpringerLink

Combative, provocative and engaging debate chaired by Michael Buerk. Will artificial intelligence lead to a more unequal world? Home A-Z Genres Formats.

Main content. Ethics of science and technology Related topics Emerging technologies 80 Technology in society 55 Philosophy of science 44 Philosophy of mind 41 Formal sciences 40 Artificial intelligence 35 Cybernetics 32 Computational fields of study 28 Computational neuroscience 27 Futurology Release date: 21 Feb Duration: Release date: 13 Sep Release date: 26 Nov Artificial Intelligence — Morality in the 21st Century How we should respond to the ways in which AI is transforming our world.

Science and technology

The committee seeks to support and encourage the process of ethically conducted research in FST, by identifying ethical researchers rather than ethical research, to enable not block research, to maintain the safety and well-being of participants and researchers, to assess ethics, not the methodology, and to promote ethical values. The committee structure includes members from many of the FST departments providing diversity in perspectives and speciality knowledge.

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However, the process is designed so that applications will undergo full review by only one committee in most cases. If you have answered YES to any of the above, we ask you to take the following steps in submitting an application to the committee:. We will do our best to not exceed these times.

However, we cannot exclude that due to circumstances such as high volume of applications or absence of committee members due to illness some applications may take longer to review. The length of time required for each review is related to the complexity of ethical issues raised by your planned study.

Furthermore, it depends on the quality of your application e. Please note that these times might be exceeded during periods of high demand and staff absences, particularly around University closure periods Christmas and Easter. Applications for ethics review can be submitted at any time, so please do not wait until a committee deadline to submit your application. However, if your study poses significant ethical risks, it will be considered by the committee at its meetings, and the deadlines for paperwork for each meeting are given below.